What payment methods are available?

Our current payment methods on site include Direct Debit, PayPal, Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Afterpay.

How do I know these decks/items aren't fake?

All stock hosted on Down Crows Road is purchased straight from the artists/producers themselves. On most of the artist/creator websites, you can see our store listed as an official retailer of their items. If not, please do feel free to email any of the businesses we retail for to confirm our legitimacy! We understand that there is a lot of concern on purchasing counterfeit products, so if you do have any worries, we are more than happy to answer any questions, or provide you with the right avenues to check for your own peace of mind.

Why are these Tarot/Oracle decks more expensive than what i can get at most bookstores? 

There is a simple answer for this! Most decks you find in book stores are known as Mass Market Decks. While there is certainly nothing wrong with these decks, they are produced on a large scale which means the costs required to print them in bulk are less, therefore can be sold for less! What we sell here at Down Crows Road are known as Independent Decks, or Indie Decks. Usually this means that the artist of the deck themselves (or the collaborative works of a creator and an artist) have acquired the means to print their product and sell it! This is done on a much smaller scale, with unique and sometimes expensive options such as heavier cardstock and different finishes. The upside of buying an indie deck is that you get to support the artist/creators themselves, as well as receiving a cool and unique deck!

Don't I have to be gifted a Tarot Deck?

This is most certainly a myth! You do not have to be gifted a tarot deck in order to own or use one, nor does it have to be wrapped with silk, blessed by the ghosts of your ancestors or exorcised of demons by your local priest.

I have a question about Shipping & Delivery!

Please refer to our section on Shipping & Delivery, or if you can’t fine your answer, feel free to Contact Us