It all started when...

…I got my first deck when I was 12. It was a Hoi Polloi Tarot deck, a Rider Waite clone that I begged my mother to let me buy. I wore that deck down to an absolutely irredeemable state until I had to replace it at 18 with my very first indie deck. From the first moment I discovered Tarot to now, I have found myself very deep into keeping a collection of all sorts of wonderful decks! However, the one issue that seems to plague Australian/New Zealand readers and collectors; international shipping costs.

What started as an idea to make international indie decks more accessible to the Southern Hemisphere, has now turned into a passion project inspired by my love of Tarot & Oracle decks, as well as my enthusiasm environmental awareness and conservation. Down Crows Road as a business is driven to do it’s part inspiring others with unique and beautiful decks, and further more to help protect our natural world with donating $2 from every purchase made on our site to The Wheen Bee Foundation.

When you shop at Down Crows Road, your purchase is not only supporting a small Australian business, but also supporting the bees!