Pvrgatorivm Oracle

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Taken from the creator's site:

A 70 card oracle deck for divination and self-exploration inspired by the Mantegna Tarot and the European practice of burning witches to save their immortal souls.

The cards are designed to explore the darker aspects of ourselves and to make us reflect on our choices and actions.

The structure of the deck differs from a traditional Tarot, but the illustrations, keywords and symbols on the cards, make them easy to use intuitively in a similar way to the traditional Tarot and other divination systems.

The deck's 70 cards feature original artwork by Mr Friborg, inspired by the illustrations traditionally found in old books about witches, witchcraft and witch-hunting mixed with the artist's own personal style.

The deck includes a comprehensive guidebook, that shortly explains the simple and unique system of the deck as well as a short explanation for each of the cards. The guidebook also includes suggestions for how to use the deck and three 'spreads' designed for PVRGATORIVM.

Included with this product:

- Pvrgatorivm Oracle
- Velvet Deck Bag
- Kickstarter Rosary Beads